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False Claims Act Cases

The Department of Justice recently announced its tally of total recoveries for 2016 under the False Claims Act.   The government recovered an astonishing $4.7 billion during this time.

The DOJ press release shows the following trends.

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On August 30, 2016, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration issued a report following an audit of the IRS Whistleblower Program. The audit was conducted to determine whether whistleblower claims are being appropriately and timely processed for investigation and examination.   The report confirms much of what lawyers who practice in this area already know.

First, the report confirmed that the program has the potential for great success.  From fiscal year 2011 through 2016, the IRS collected more than $2 billion of unpaid taxes based on information reported by whistleblowers.   While this sounds like a great success, lawyers who practice in this area, such as McCabe Rabin, P.A., believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The report also confirmed a number of problems with the IRS whistleblower program, most notably, the IRS’s failure to contact whistleblowers to clarify allegations and the IRS’s failure to have proper supervision and oversight to make sure that whistleblower claims are timely processed and referred for examination.  The report makes 10 specific recommendations for improving the manner in which the IRS receives, processes, and handles IRS whistleblower complaints.

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McCabe Rabin, P.A. announces the settlement of a qui tam case against Florida Pain Medicine Associates, Inc. and its owners Dr. Bart Gatz, Dr. Alexis Renta and Dr. Albert Rodriguez.  Florida Pain Medicine Associates, Inc. is a pain clinic located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Our law firm, along with co-counsel Bruce Reinhart of McDonald Hopkins, P.A., represented Rosa Gomez, a former pain clinic employee who worked as a receptionist and billing clerk.  In 2013, Ms. Gomez approached McCabe Rabin, P.A. because she believed her employers were defrauding government healthcare programs by performing medically unnecessary procedures.

Under federal law, the Medicare program only pays for services that are “medically necessary.”  A healthcare provider commits fraud by billing the government for unnecessary procedures.